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Safety Precautions

AFSL Standards For Consumer Fireworks

Fireworks Effects

  Live Concerts ° Corporate Shows ° Sporting Shows Etc.

Special Effects

Live Concerts ° Corporate Shows ° Sporting Shows Etc.

Why Thundercat Fireworks?

We will light up the sky for your next event! Thundercat Fireworks in Cottage Grove will make sure that your event will always be talked about for a life time!

The fireworks, rockets, and sparklers for all events
Music Concerts
Amusement Parks
Sporting Events
4th of July
Birthday Celebrations
And more…

Thundercat provides the highest quality Cottage Grove firework for sale at the best prices available. From assortment packages, firecrackers, sparklers, and rockets to fountains, repeaters, and re loadable shells, we are your one stop location for the highest quality fireworks! Stop by Thundercat’s location in Cottage Grove for the best fireworks for sale. Our rockets and sparklers in Cottage Grove are sure to dazzle watchers. Our location in Cottage Grove is conveniently located for the towns of Pierceville and Sun Prairie.